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"Put a Pig on It" this CAROLINA CUE WEDNESDAY , 

For this Fall & Winter our Carolina 'Cue Wednesdays will be the first Wednesday of evry month. We will feature some new places and hopefully will have a mustard-based Q from South Carolina. We've visited 23 places so far. Next up is The Pig (Chapel Hill) on the first Wednesday in December, 12/03. Full schedule will be posted on Carolina 'Cue Wednesday (click tab to your left).


FAQs and Answers from CHEF BILL SMITH: 

Fried Oysters!!. 

What's seasonal on the menu for a short time, must tries? Persimmon Pudding is still with us.

What’s new? Oxford Tamales, Stewing Hen w/ pastry

What are the returning favorites? Fried Oysters, Cheese Pork!!,
Oyster Mushroom Risotto, Blues are Running – pan-fried NC bluefish

See full Dinner menu line-up of seasonals, changing and posted daily here.  

Also, we don't have everything every night, call or please check the menu posted online nighty.


ON THE WALLS: Elaine O'Neil's textile collages of American scenes. These are the originals for her 2015 America Calendar. 




1/ Yes, we have the pie you heard about on NPR:: THE PIE THAT ELICIT’S THAT OH MY GOD RESPONSE.

2/ DO YOU REMEMBER WHERE YOU WERE WHEN YOU ATE THE BEST BANANA PUDDING EVER? Robert St. John proclaims Bill Smith's to be the best -- and tells us why Bill Smith is one of the finest chef' in Southern cooking history: 

3/  TRAVEL TO THE OUTER BANKS WITH BILL SMITH, SAM McGANN AND LOCAL PALATE MAGAZINE (also on the site are recipes for Hard Crab Stew, Atlantic Beach Pie and more): 


NEAL'S DELI: Matt and Sheila Neal have Neal's Deli in downtown Carrboro. Check 'em out ! 

ALLEY TWENTY SIX: For a great cocktail in downtown Durham, there is Shannon Healy's Alley 26 on Chapel Hill Street.

















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