"Crook's continues to live up to its national reputation
as a temple of Southern cuisine."

— Raleigh News & Observer
"Sacred ground for Southern foodies."
The New York Times
Welcome to Crook's Corner!


"Put a Pig on It" this CAROLINA CUE WEDNESDAY , 

Carolina 'Cue Wednesdays is on Summertime Every Other Wednesday Schedule, May-September. We'll be revisiting some of the favorites we discovered since we began our Barbecue Odyssey this past November, 2013. We've visited 22 places so far. Next up is Pig Whistle (Chapel Hill) on10/01. Full schedule posted on Carolina 'Cue Wednesday (click tab to your left).


FAQs and Answers from CHEF BILL SMITH: Soft Shells arrive in limited quantity, starting on Thursdays.

NEW: Persimmon Pudding (an earlier than usual crop of Persimmons); Fresh Fig Ice Cream; Fresh Succotash Salad; Green Peach Salad;

Pork Shank w/ Mississippi-style Fried Corn; Summer Bounty in September Soups

 See full Dinner menu line-up of seasonals, changing and posted daily here.  


& Yes the Patio is open! Call for reservations or just come on in.  


Also, we don't have everything every night, call or please check the menu posted online nighty.

ART ON THE WALLS: A ceramic menagerie of birds, rabbits, moths, owls, foxes and imaginary animals coupled with botanical themes, also paintings of open books from artist couple Cathy Kiffney and Mark Brown through September. 




1/ Yes, we have the pie you heard about on NPR:: THE PIE THAT ELICIT’S THAT OH MY GOD RESPONSE.

2/ DO YOU REMEMBER WHERE YOU WERE WHEN YOU ATE THE BEST BANANA PUDDING EVER? Robert St. John proclaims Bill Smith's to be the best -- and tells us why Bill Smith is one of the finest chef' in Southern cooking history: 

3/  TRAVEL TO THE OUTER BANKS WITH BILL SMITH, SAM McGANN AND LOCAL PALATE MAGAZINE (also on the site are recipes for Hard Crab Stew, Atlantic Beach Pie and more): 


NEAL'S DELI: Matt and Sheila Neal have Neal's Deli in downtown Carrboro. Check 'em out ! 

ALLEY TWENTY SIX: For a great cocktail in downtown Durham, there is Shannon Healy's Alley 26 on Chapel Hill Street.

















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that reflects the character of their community."
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