Susie’s August Newsletter

Dear Crook’s Family,
I know y’all can feel it, too; summer is winding down. The days are getting shorter, and the school buses are practicing their routes through my neighborhood. That doesn’t mean summer food can’t be found, but it does mean that I have to remind you that tomato season comes to an end, soon, as it always does. It also means that this will be the last week of our Picnic Plate with fried chicken, potato salad, tomatoes, and watermelon. We hate to see it go, but we only keep it on the menu while the watermelon is at its peak. That’s how it goes.
To ease that transition, Justin will bring the Carolina Sampler back, but this time with his House-made barbecue. Craig Jackson of Millhouse BBQ brought over a beautiful smoker for Justin to play with. We can’t wait for you to try what comes out of it. **Please note that it will not be ready until tomorrow, Wednesday, August 14!**
Also, be sure to try the Fried Okra and Shishito Peppers– one of my current favorites.
We are featuring Spanish wines for the next month or so, and we are pretty excited to share them with you. If you haven’t tried the Rubentis from Ameztoi, you should waste no more time. It is a bright rosé made from co-fermented, indigenous grapes (Hondarribi Zuri and Hodarribi Beltza) that have been bottled with residual carbonation. This gives the wine an irresistible, bright effervescence. We also have two wildly different Riojas, and a lovely, briny Albariño. Try one, or try them all, por favor!
There are a few other things worth mentioning, and so I shall:
Our Wednesday Supper Club this month will be on August 28. Justin planning a three-course vegetarian menu featuring the superb, late -summer produce of two of our farmer friends: Linda Sakiewicz of Bracken Brae Farm, and Katherine West of Katherine’s Garden. There may be a pig on the roof (there definitely is), but we know vegetables, too! Seating is limited to our monthly Supper Club meal, and I have only a few remaining seats, so please sign up soon, if you want to come. Here’s the link to make  Supper Club reservations:
I will send you an email to confirm your seat.
Don’t forget to check out the photographs on our walls this month. The talented and multi-faceted artist Michael Quackenbush has his work here until September 2nd.
Beginning this week, we will be staying open until 10:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays and until 9:30 pm on Tuesday- Thursday.
We still close at 9:00 pm on Sunday night.
Thank you for your continued friendship and patronage. As always, you are why we do what we do.
-Susie Williamson