Susie’s October Newsletter

Hello Crook’s Family,

Fall weather finally arrived in our sweet, little town. That means the Crook’s menu has undergone a few delicious changes. I think you will like what’s happening.

Our house smoked Beef Brisket lost its summery okra and beans but replaced them with sweet potatoes, celery, and fennel. The ‘chicken and dumplings‘ with grilled thighs, pillowy pâte-a-choux dumplings, vegetables, and Bourbon-brown sauce really hit the comfort food mark, as does our vegetarian (vegan even!) entrée. In this dish, Justin pairs two heirloom crops from Anson Mills — farro verde and rice peas — and serves them with roasted winter squash, pears, and pearl onions. The dish is as earthy and satisfying as you could hope for on a chilly fall evening.

Look for Tuna Tartare with house-made potato chips on the weekends, at least until Tom Robinson’s Seafood stops bringing fresh tuna from the coast.

Our dessert menu goes retro with the addition of the Nutty Buddy sundae. It has a house-made crispy waffle cone, three scoops of our vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and peanuts. It’s pure, simple goodness and it reminds me of summers at UNC’s Farm swimming pool snack bar. You remember it, too…

If food nostalgia is not enough to entice you, we have beautiful photographs on the walls of Chapel Hill from 1982 through the present-day.

The show is a collaboration between John Bare and Clint Burgess.

Here’s some info about them:
Clint Burgess is a master carpenter and designer who has been collaborating with local artists for more than 30 years. A former resident of Chapel Hill and Carrboro, for many years Clint ran The Frame Shop. Clint and his wife, Alisa, live in Hillsborough, where their folk art collection features original works from Clyde Jones, Larry Carroll, and Jake Brower.
John Bare is a writer and photographer whose work documents the changing face of downtown Chapel Hill and the magical experience of live, local music. In 2019, John and Don Dixon teamed up on an album of original songs adapted from John’s novel, Fair-Skinned Brunette With the Porcelain Shine. The album, Lassie James Songbook Vol 1, is available via Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon music and other streaming services.

Join us Wednesday, October 30 for Supper Club with our dear friend Nancie McDermott – Nancie is a food writer, cooking teacher, and the author of fourteen cookbooks, and Justin is pulling together some of her favorite recipes for you. Click here to make your reservation!

Please Note: We will not be open on Halloween (Thursday, Oct. 31). We plan to leave Franklin Street to the ghouls and revelers, instead.

Thank you for your continued friendship and patronage. As always, you are why we do what we do.

-Susie Williamson