Atlantic Beach Pie in Food 52’s Top 10 Genius Recipes of All Time

Food 52 named Bill Smith’s Atlantic Beach Pie, the sweet-salty twist on a classic North Carolina lemon pie, one of their “Top 10 Genius Recipes of All Time” (along with Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter). Check out the full story here.

Every week, for the past eight years, Food 52 creative director Kristen Miglore has been unearthing recipes she calls Genius recipes. According to Food52, “These recipes surprise us and make us rethink cooking tropes. They’re handed down by luminaries of the food world and become their legacy. They get us talking and change the way we cook. And, once we’ve folded them into our repertoires, they make us feel pretty genius too.” And we agree!